Welcome to Horizon Virtual Venue – Enhancing your virtual conferencing!

The Lobby Concept

Live meetings, often held in hotels, have a lobby or foyer area outside the meeting space. At a live meeting you will find signs, exhibits, handouts, and check-in in this area. Horizon Virtual Venue mimics the feel of a hotel lobby or foyer. In the virtual lobby, we typically post the schedule of events, speaker bios and photos, welcome video, collateral materials and more. From the lobby you can access a virtual exhibit hall. The lobby is also the access point for video-conferencing events and virtual receptions.

Virtual Meetings

The Horizon Virtual Venue difference was built from the ground up. We designed it as a solution for associations and other non-profit organizations which already have the infrastructure in place to produce in place to produce live events. It was designed by association executives who understand the “real-life” challenges of converting from live to virtual meeting.


Our pricing structure is based on individual events. We are committed to charging only for those features you actually use. Our labor time is based on the hours required to set-up the venue and for event tech-support. There can be significant savings for those who do multiple events on our venue. We understand that most associations and non-profits work on tight budgets. Horizon Virtual Venue is a division of Next Wave Group, LLC, as an association management company.