ACC-MOS Corporate Conversations

October 20, 2022
6:00PM – 7:15PM Central Time

Thank you for joining us this evening. You will have the chance to live video chat with our corporate partners and find out about the latest developments from their companies, similar to an in-person exhibit hall experience. Each company will have their own table with designated reps to answer your questions and catch up on what has been occurring this past year.
Find out how to make the featured “corporate cocktail” and get a preferred bourbon list from the bartender. Don’t miss seeing your colleagues for one night only!

Join Bt Join Bt

Before you join the reception, please take a moment to mix the favorite cocktail, the Orange and Vanilla Old Fashioned. Enjoy.

Top 3 Bourbons as:

  • Jack Daniel’s no 7, timeless classic
  • EH Taylor
  • Weller 107