1-MDCSCO Allied Professional Meeting Space

The Other Epidemic: Job Burnout in the Health Care Professions


July 13 2023
6:00 p.m. Reception
6:30 p.m. Dinner and Program

Warren Holleman, PhD Professor (Retired)
Department of Behavioral Science
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

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For the past three years, the COVID epidemic has been front and center of our national consciousness. Long before that, however, health professionals were quietly fighting another epidemic that threatened not only the health of clinicians, but also affect the health of patients and health care organizations. In his lecture, Dr. Warren Holleman will address the following questions: What is job burnout? Are oncology clinicians more vulnerable to burnout? What are the drivers of job burnout? What are the best ways to prevent and reduce burnout in the health care professions? He will also comment on the impact of COVID on the health of health professionals.

Speaker Bio
Warren Holleman is a former Professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. For ten years, he directed MD Anderson’s Faculty Health & Well-Being Program, which addressed the growing problem of job burnout among faculty physicians and scientists. In 2017, Holleman served as Co-Director of “Beyond Resiliency Training: Organizational Strategies to Alleviate Burnout and Increase Wellness in Academic Medicine,” a symposium of national thought leaders, sponsored by the University of Texas System. Dr. Holleman’s papers have been published in Nature, Lancet, JAMA, and other journals, and he co-edited the medical student textbook, Fundamentals of Clinical Practice: A Textbook of Doctor, Patient, and Society. Dr. Holleman’s workshop, “Nurturing the Spirit of the Healer,” has been presented in twenty-six cities throughout the United States. He currently serves as a co-editor of the online magazine Pulse-voices from the heart of medicine.